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Quality Assurance and Quality Development in University Teaching

Quality assurance is part of the autonomous duties of a university and is taken seriously at the University of Graz. Thereby, the university shows its responsibility towards its students who expect education and qualification that meet the newest scientific standards and provide them with good chances for their professional future. Additionally, students expect to be able to finish their studies in a reasonable period of time. In this context, quality assurance and quality development in university teaching refer to content-related qualification standards, but also to assessing and optimizing the organisation of teaching and studying. Students as well as teachers need to be included in these processes likewise.


The department of Educational and Student Services provides various instruments of quality assurance in university teaching:


Course evaluation: Different instruments are used to let students assess their competence attainment or possible influences on their learning processes in university courses.


Teaching award: The University of Graz annually honours outstanding courses with the teaching award “Teaching: Outstanding!” with altering emphasis each year.


Curricula evaluation: On demand the evaluation of curricula is supported through data analysis or surveys.


Projects: Evaluations and studies on workload, testing activity, and target group needs complete the subunit’s field of work.


Curricula Development and Study Services
Halbaerthgasse 6/I 8010 Graz


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