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Focus 2021/22

Encouraging Critical Thinking

The university has always been considered a place of critical thinking. In times of social media, fake news, alternative facts and co., the critical examination of information, data and theories is of particular relevance, this is why the focus of the 2021/22 teaching awards is "Encouraging Critical thinking".

Critical thinking is based first and foremost on the ability to make conceptual differentiations in order to grasp the subject matter precisely and illuminate complex interrelationships. This is done by building on the subject knowledge learnt and is embedded in disciplinary contexts. Central to critical thinking is the posing of questions. On the one hand, these are directed at sources, contents and convictions in the sense of external criticism; on the other hand, one's own thinking should be critically examined. Critical thinking is also about putting thoughts and arguments up for discussion and thus contributing to gaining knowledge. (Esterbauer 2018)


The teaching awards “Teaching: Excellent!” put these courses in the spotlight, in which e.g.

  • students critically examine sources, data or information;

  • students are encouraged to defend their own positions;

  • space is created for controversy, discussion and debate;

  • students are provided with an ideal learning and working environment to formulate critical questions;

  • teachers support students in carrying out independent analyses and developing an argumentation from them;

  • students learn to evaluate and classify research results or theories in the context of their own discipline;

  • students critically engage with current socially relevant issues.

Teaching awards 2021/22

The teaching prizes are awarded in two categories: "Teaching: Excellent!" for lectures and "Teaching: Excellent!" for courses immanent to examinations. Since digital teaching and learning elements are now an integral part of courses, the "Digital Teaching: Excellent!" prize will no longer be awarded separately in the academic year 2021/22.


The teaching awards  will be presented on the day of teaching by the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching and the ÖH and are intended to make innovative teaching concepts and media-didactic implementations visible, to share inspiring ideas, initiate the discussion of higher education and media didactic findings and trends and reward the efforts of committed scientists who enthusiastically design their teaching.

All lectures that are held in a regular study program at the University of Graz in the academic year of 2021/22 (except for any thesis seminars) can be nominated via the nomination form and a conclusive reasoning. >>to the nomination

The following groups are authorized to nominate:

  1. groups of at least 3 students nominating an attended course 
  2. heads of curriculum commissions
  3. (vice) deans of studies

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