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All lectures that are held in a regular study program at the University of Graz in the academic year of 2023/24 (except for any thesis seminars) can be nominated via the nomination form on the right and a conclusive reasoning.

The following groups are authorized to nominate:

  1. groups of at least 3 students nominating an attended course 
  2. heads of curriculum commissions
  3. (vice) deans of studies


Make sure to nominate the courses of the winter term courses until the 9th of January and the courses of the summer term until the 2nd of June (because of the course evaluation). 

What happens after the nomination?

Course evaluation

The teacher will be informed as soon as the nomination has been received by students, heads of curriculum commissions or (vice) deans of studies. If the teacher agrees with the nomination, the course will be evaluated to take the student's perspective on the course into account. Additional questions matching the focus of the teaching award will be attached to the standard questionnaire.


After the course evaluation by the students, the teacher is asked to submit a concept from the course including information on the proof of performance. For better comparability there is a PDF template.

Jury meeting

Before the new academic year starts, usually at the end of September, a jury, invited by the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching, will meet to select the winning courses based on the concept and the course evaluation. The winners will be awarded on the "Tag der Lehre" in autumn 2024.

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