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Focus 2023/24

Building on strenghts and learning from mistakes

Who hasn't experienced the fear of making a mistake or failing at a task? We often think of the words "mistake" or "failure" in a negative context. This year we want to change that! We want to emphasise the learning process of the students, which is why the focus of the 2023/24 Teaching Awards is "Building on strengths and learning from mistakes".

Development is a top priority at the University of Graz. However, the focus is not on finding solutions without making mistakes, but on practice, teamwork, ‘trial and error’ and communication. After all, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process. This also applies to university teaching. Students should be encouraged to make mistakes. Not only does this ensure that students are more motivated, but it often leads to higher performance. In this sense, mistakes are not a sign of incompetence, but contribute significantly to the development and extension of knowledge and skills.

The 2023/24 Teaching Awards will highlight courses in which, for example

  • Students learn how to deal productively with mistakes
  • Students receive constructive feedback
  • A positive culture of failure is practised;
  • Students are encouraged to practise and fail in order to learn;
  • Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning;
  • Teachers enquire about and take into account students' learning status and needs;
  • Teachers provide insight into their own failures and incorporate these into the teaching-learning process.

Teaching awards 2023/24

The teaching prizes are awarded in two categories: "Teaching: Excellent!" for lectures and "Teaching: Excellent!" for courses immanent to examinations.


The teaching awards  will be presented on the day of teaching by the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching and the ÖH and are intended to make innovative teaching concepts and media-didactic implementations visible, to share inspiring ideas, initiate the discussion of higher education and media didactic findings and trends and reward the efforts of committed scientists who enthusiastically design their teaching.

All lectures that are held in a regular study program at the University of Graz in the academic year of 2022/23 (except for any thesis seminars) can be nominated via the nomination form and a conclusive reasoning. >>To the nomination

The following groups are authorized to nominate:

  1. groups of at least 3 students nominating an attended course 
  2. heads of curriculum commissions
  3. (vice) deans of studies

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