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Previous awards Teaching: Excellent!

Previous awards Teaching: Excellent!

Every year on the Day of Teaching, the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching presents the awards together with the ÖH. The teaching award of the University of Graz aims to honour the commitment and efforts of enthusiastic teachers, to make innovative teaching concepts visible, to offer other teachers inspiration for their teaching and to initiate the discussion of findings and trends in higher education didactics.

Awards 2021/22


"Encouraging Critical Thinking" was the focus of the 2021/22 teaching awards, for which a total of 19 courses were nominated.

Teaching Award "Teaching: Excellent!"

  • Barbara Grabher, PhD (Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology)
    Reading events through an anthropocene lens. Negotiations of political-ecological transformation processes in the context of ‘mega’-events
  • Mag. Dr. Jörg Schrittwieser (Institute of Chemistry) 
    Organic Chemistry 1

Recognition awards

  • Silvia Lipp, BSc MSc (Institute of Business Education and Development)
    Entrepreneurship Education and Business Ethics

  • Mag. Dr. Barbara Reiter (Institute of Philosophy)
    Basic Questions of Specialized Didactics for Teaching Ethics

The award "Teaching: Excellent!" was given to Sandro Keller for his lecture "Physical Chemistry for Students of Molecular Biology" and to Christoph Romirer, who works at the Institute of Public Law and Political Science, for his course "Administrative Law and Administrative Theory".

In addition, the jury awarded two recognition prizes. These went to Christopher Pollin from the Centre for Information Modelling for the course "Introduction to Computer Science" and to Elena Stuhlpfarrer from the Institute of Education and Educational Science for the proseminar "Introduction to Academic Writing in Education".

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